Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Friends

While I am busy writing the Black Swamp Mysteries series (the fourth book in the series is due to be released next spring) and caring for my own angelfish - adults, babies and eggs - I have four dogs surrounding me. I am definitely never alone in this house!

I have Mattie, a Treeing Walker Coonhound rescued by the Richmond, VA SPCA. (Her brother Skipper is in the background; unfortunately, he passed away about two years ago.) She is the matriarch, who I refer to as Mama Mattie to the rest of the pack:

I have Simone, the tri-colored collie, who nearly died before she was rescued by the Robeson County Humane Society and I fostered and then adopted her:

One year after adopting Simone, we learned of Eddie, the Jack Russell who had been rescued by the Robeson County Humane Society after he was shot in the leg:

And our newest addition is Lucy Lou (referred to as Lucy LOO when she first arrived and wasn't housebroken). She is part Jack Russell and possibly part Corgi or Basset, because she is very long. Below are what I call "The Three Faces of Lucy":

How can I have so many of them? I have a wonderful fenced yard, three sets of doggie doors, and fortunately for me, they are all well behaved, loving and adorable!