Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Friends

Sometimes the best playthings are those that didn't cost a thing.

My Jack Russell-Basset Hound mix, Lucy, loves water bottles. The new water bottles are flimsy and make a lot of noise when she plays with them. Whenever I finish a bottle, I always put the cap back on and give it to her. She has become adept at taking the cap off. Next, she removes the label. Then she runs through the house with the water bottle in her mouth, making it crinkle and pop.

When I finish a jar of peanut butter, I put the top back on and hand it to one of the dogs. My mastiff (God rest his soul, he died nearly 10 years ago) loved to figure out how to take the top off the jar (which was plastic) and he could be kept busy for hours trying to get every last bit of peanut butter out.

I have also purchased real bones and once the marrow has been eaten out of them, I've stuffed them with peanut butter.

During teething, you can place the bones in the freezer so whatever stuffing you used is frozen. This calms the dog's gums while he tries to get every last morsel out of the middle.