Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Success in the Honeymoon Suite

About a week ago, I remodeled the Honeymoon Suite used by Lindsay Buckingfish and Stevie Fishnick. They'd had a red amazon plant in their tank but had taken several weeks' vacation from laying eggs and raising new angels. I thought it might help them if they had a change of pace so I placed this arch in their tank. It has a vertical surface (preferred by angels - they rarely if ever lay eggs on a horizontal surface) and it's nice and smooth.

Last night they were very busy! Stevie laid around 300 eggs and Lindsay was busy fertilizing them.

We have also had warmer weather here. Though they have a heater in their tank, they seem to want to spawn more readily during the warmer months.

Hopefully, these eggs will hatch in a few days and I'll have another successful group of baby angels!

Shown here: Stevie Fishnick, a platinum angel around 7-8 inches tall, with the eggs laid on the arch.