Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Humble Beginnings

I began my fishkeeping back in the mid 1970's but as Life came at my fast I stopped keeping them and focused on more mundane things, like a family and career.

I began keeping fish again just about three years ago. A friend gave me a small tank, which was originally a community tank, then a guppy tank, and is now a neon tetra tank.

Long story but the fireplace in my bedroom can not be used as a fireplace so I wallpapered the inside of the fireplace with the same type of background one buys for the back of the tank. The screen actually looks like fish netting as it flanks the tank. And now instead of a cold unused hole in the wall, I have a living, breathing display of art.

A two inch clown pleco lives inside the log at the left and comes out at night to feed. I have a mix of neon tetra and glow tetra and four corydoras.