Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Meanwhile the Honeymoon Suite is Working...

As the current batch of angelfish fry get large enough to sell, Lindsay Buckingfish and Stevie Fishnick are starting yet another family.

I found these eggs on the red amazon plant. This is Stevie watching over them.

It might look at if she is simply watching them (kind of like watching water boil) but she is performing a very important function. The pectoral fins are fins that are on either side of the angelfish's body. They are constantly in movement, and when Stevie is watching over the eggs as she's doing in the picture above, the movement of those pectoral fins actually fans the eggs. This keeps fungus from forming on them. Fungus, as you might guess, will kill the eggs.

When the parents are removed after laying the eggs, an air tube can be placed directly under the eggs to keep the water moving around them. This will also prevent fungus. As a last resort, a chemical can be added to the water to kill the fungus, but I don't like using that method.

I prefer to keep both parents with the fry until after they have hatched and are free swimming. However, I have learned if they remain together for too long, the parents will kill the weakest and smallest of the group, in order to ensure survival of the strongest and fittest. So I separate them a few weeks after the fry are free-swimming.

Here is Lindsay and Stevie together, watching over their eggs.

This is a 20 gallon tank, and these two angels are the only ones in the tank - plus their eggs.