Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hatched Eggs - What a Surprise!

Well, Stevie Fishnick and Lindsay Buckingfish have gotten sneaky. Maybe it's because I moved the doggie gate and now the dogs can watch what they're doing. In any event, they laid their latest batch of eggs on the backs of the amazon leaves. I thought something was fishy :) when I changed their water last weekend. They did not want to leave the corner of their tank, and were quite possessive.

This morning I found a group of baby angelfish on the top of the leaf, where their parents had deposited them after hatching.

They will remain on the leaf until they grow strong enough to begin swimming. I'll post regular videos and pictures of their progress. It's been a couple of months since I had baby angelfish, and I've missed them. The infant tank is ready for them when they get ready to leave Mama and Papa.

The father is the black marble angelfish. He is about ten inches tall. The mother is the platinum angelfish, about eight inches tall. In the past, half of their offspring have been black marbles and the other half platinum marbles.