Monday, January 7, 2013

A Look at John McFish

Last Thursday I showed a video of my largest tank, which is 70 gallons. I realized after I viewed the video that one of my largest angels, a silver angelfish named John McFish, was not visible.

I found him at the end of the tank, hanging out with friends. As I taped him, others came to see what I was doing.

It's this curiosity that angelfish have with humans that is one big reason I love keeping them. You may notice other fish in the background, including a variety of tetras and a rainbow fish. They continue to swim and go about their business as though I wasn't there. But the angels always notice me and come to the glass. At times, they will line up in a neat row to watch me.

When my dog Lucy chases her ball around the room, they will also follow her, swimming from side to side like they are sitting in the bleachers watching a good football game.