Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Friends

So once a month I dutifully put Advantix on my dogs' necks. Because we rarely see a frost in coastal North Carolina, fleas and ticks can be found year 'round.

But I've noticed one of my dogs, Eddie, a Jack Russell, throws up within 24 hours of having the medicine put on his neck. I found the connection when I began documenting when it occurred, as it always happens when he's asleep in bed with me. Or make that, I am trying to sleep and he should be asleep!

None of my other dogs have this problem. The other Jack Russell, Lucy, doesn't like getting her neck all icky but she doesn't get ill. Neither does my collie or my foxhound; in fact, they don't seem to even notice.

How does your dog react when they get the flea and tick ointment put on their necks? What do you use?