Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Update on the Largest Tank

I am happy to say that the black angel who has dropsy has begun eating again - a great sign, though she is still showing the symptoms of dropsy (enlarged abdomen). She isn't hiding or staying by herself now as she was just a few days ago, which is also a sign that she is feeling better. I'll continue to monitor her situation and let you know how she progresses.

I have focused more on the Honeymoon Suite - the 20 gallon tank where Lindsay Buckingfish and Stevie Fishnick continue to lay hundreds of eggs two weeks apart - and the Infant Ward, another 20 gallon tank in which the babies are raised to the age where they can be sold.

I have other tanks, including a 70 gallon tank that currently houses seven angels who are fully grown or nearly so. The largest in this tank is a koi angel that is mostly white - he was named Pipsqueak Littlefish when he arrived because he was barely the size of my thumbnail. I now know he was probably less than a month old, and too young to be sold to a pet shop and then reacclimated at my house. But he has done well and is now about 10 inches tall.

Others include three koi angels that are largely orange, including Alfred, who I recently moved from another tank, a blue marble, a silver angel and the black angel who is experiencing the health issue.

I have not moved the black angel, by the way, because dropsy is not contagious.

Here is a video of my largest tank: