Friday, March 15, 2013

An Update on Mattie

Mattie is doing well since the surgery on her leg.

Originally, the vet wanted to leave her leg unbandaged so it could heal with fresh air surrounding it. However, she licked it overnight while we were sleeping and one of the sutures was licked loose. So the vet bandaged her up and each day she's been brought in to have it rebandaged and her leg examined.

Mattie is about 11 years old, which is ancient for a foxhound. She lost her twin brother several years ago and we have felt like she's been on borrowed time. But she is a fighter and she's been hanging in there.

She could smell the antibiotic in her food and refused to eat. So she was given a shot with a timed release antibiotic that lasts for an entire week. It has done wonders to help her recover. She's also been on Tramadol as needed for pain, which thankfully has only been given at night to help her sleep and keep her comfortable.