Monday, March 18, 2013

Mattie Gets Her Stitches Out

Today Mattie gets her stitches removed. We've been taking her to the vet's office every other day to get her bandages replaced and her leg inspected. It's been nearly three long weeks but she has definitely turned the corner.

The original idea after her surgery was to keep the area open so it could get some air to help with healing, and to give her oral antibiotics.

But one of her stitches popped loose (we think because she licked them) so the bandage was used instead. Every other day she's received a different color bandage and I think she enjoys the attention and the new legging. (She is shown here with an orange legging on her hind leg. Eddie monitors the situation behind her. He is a good nurse and very attentive.)

She also was able to detect the antibiotics no matter what I tried to wrap it in - lunch meat, hot dogs, chicken, peanut butter, cheese, Greenies... She knew it was there and refused to take it. The real turn in her condition occurred when they gave her an antibiotic shot, which was time released over a week's time.

She's lost about 20% of her weight so the vet suggested that, although she is 11 years old, she should be switched to high calorie puppy food. My local pet store recommended puppy food for tiny dogs, as they require more calories than a larger breed puppy.

Fingers crossed that she will continue to rally back!