Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Perfect Front for a CIA Agent

My 15th book, Dylan's Song, is being released this week. It's the fourth book in the Black Swamp Mysteries series, in which a psychic spy and a CIA ground operative live in a small town, using a front as angelfish breeders to mask their real professions.

In Dylan's Song, they leave America to go to Ireland to locate and extract a missing CIA operative. While they are gone, their CIA handler, Sam, agrees to watch over their angelfish business. Before they leave and unbeknownst to Sam, Dylan installs cameras so he can keep an eye on the angelfish while they're gone. Though he's a trained killer and a spy, he still has a very soft spot for his angels.

It turns out, he also has a soft spot for a border collie he'd left behind when he moved from Ireland to America. He'd found Shep a good home before he departed but they reunite in the book - and when Shep is mistaken for a CIA dog, he finds a way to get her to America so they can remain united.