Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Angelfish Babies Begin to Take Shape

The oldest angelfish babies are about four weeks old now.

One of the most fun aspects of raising angelfish is that each one is uniquely colored. It's fun to see the patterns that develop and how much black or white they have on them, since their Papa is a black marble and Mama is a platinum.

Their bodies have changed from torpedo shaped to the beautiful angelfish shape with the vertical fins. The more space babies have to grow, the taller their fins will be. If you see squat angelfish, it means they were overcrowded.

In with the oldest angels, you'll see some that are nearly transparent. Those are smaller and are about two weeks old. They will begin to get their color and shape in another week or two.

I have begun adding dried brine shrimp to their diet of fresh brine shrimp, in a gentle effort to getting them to eat something that isn't necessarily swimming. In a few weeks, they will be weaned off brine shrimp and will begin to eat fish flakes. Once they are completely weaned, their bodies should be the size of a quarter and they'll be ready to go to the pet shop, where someone will purchase them and love them as much as I've loved raising them.