Thursday, July 11, 2013

Connect the Dots

I was asked recently why I have a blog on angelfish breeding if I am a writer of suspense.

My Black Swamp Mysteries series features two CIA undercover operatives. And as anyone knows, to remain undercover, they need a "cover story". Theirs is that they are angelfish breeders.

Why angelfish breeders? Because it's a solitary job and to be able to leave at a moment's notice, travel halfway around the world, and possibly be gone for weeks, they couldn't work in an office environment where their sudden disappearance would raise suspicion. (Don't worry; when they're gone, someone else with the CIA helps with their fish.)

Also, I found that most people's eyes glaze over when I mention fish, so I thought it would be the perfect cover. No one would ask detailed questions because they wouldn't care about fish breeding, and everyone would think they were just two boring people... Never knowing they have more excitement in a day than most people will experience in a lifetime.

If you'd like to read about the ins and outs of fish breeding AND being a CIA operative - based on the real United States' psychic spy program - start with Vicki's Key, shown here.