Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Angelfish Thriving in Betta Tank

Well, these unlikely tank mates are getting along just fine.

The three angelfish are doing very well and are swimming around much more than they did under the overprotective care of their parents.

In the video, you can see the golden double-comb betta resting on the bottom of the tank. He's been that way for several weeks. He comes up and eats, and also checks the surface for air every now and again, but seems to be content resting on the bottom.

The betta hasn't tried to bother the baby angels, and they have not bothered him at all.

This tank is only 2.5 gallons so the angels can't stay there for very long. Once their bodies grow to the size of a quarter, they will be ready to go to the pet shop and then to their forever homes.

I believe the black angel is a male. I am not sure yet about the two white marbles.