Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Plants

I picked up some new plants at my favorite pet shop, Carroll's Pets in Lumberton, NC.

Angelfish love amazon plants and they gravitate toward brightly colored plants, especially. So I picked up some large red amazon plants.

I also picked up these deep purple plants. They are a bit stiffer than the amazon plants, which makes them stand more erect.

Not only are plants pleasing to the eye, but they can be of practical use when I have more than one pair of angelfish in the same tank. I placed these right in the middle, which creates a visual barrier. Each pair feels like they have more privacy to... do their thing.

On one side, I have the Blues - Jake and Elroy. They haven't laid eggs yet so I'm not quite sure which one is the male and which is the female.

On the other side, I have the Blue Marbles - Billie Holifish and Kurt Ellifish - who jazz things up.

They can easily move from one side to the other, but the plants also help them establish their territory. This tank is 60 gallons and also has a variety of tetra and corys, as well as one pleco who remains well hidden during the daylight.