Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Symptoms of a Sick Fish

Because fish have such short lifespans, I can spot a fish who is naturally nearing the end of it's life versus one that has a virus or bacterial infection.

In this video, I have a white long-skirted tetra in the tank with a variety of tetra and angelfish. Symptoms that she is nearing the end are:

(1) Weight loss

(2) Staying away from the other fish, often hiding

(3) Not eating with the others and having no appetite

(4) Swimming with the nose up instead of the usual horizontal swimming

(5) The eyes will often look much larger as the fish loses weight

In a case such as this, it's important not to treat the entire tank with antibiotics or other remedies, as you'd be treating all the healthy fish. Treating healthy fish means they will develop an immunity to the remedies and when they need them, they will be ineffective.

Instead, the two choices are: allow nature to run its course or remove the affected fish from the community tank and place her (or him) in a hospital tank. For the average sized fish, this can be as small as one or two gallons. For an angelfish, it should be 10 gallons. This allows you to treat the sick fish with smaller doses.


Craig Ronaldson said...

Hello, great article you have here, really provided some value and helped me out a lot.

My fish were recently acting strange and I didn't know what to do,luckily for me I ended up living right next to one of the largest fish medical and they just so happened to really know their stuff!

Not to mention I was treated with excellent service as well; here is there website Check them out, you'll be glad you did!

p.m.terrell said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Craig! Very happy to hear that your fish survived, and you got such terrific service. I hope you'll drop in again and tell us more about your fish and aquarium.