Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Honeymoon Couple

Meanwhile, in the second honeymoon tank, John and Christy McFish are settling in.

When I am not near the tank, they move around freely.

But when they see me approach, they hide behind the arch. The arch has a smooth vertical surface, ideal for laying eggs (in the rear, nearest the heater.) There are also two amazon plants, one green and one orange, which angelfish love for laying eggs in the wild.

Last week, I noticed John McFish (the silver angel with the stripes) was hugging the heater and wouldn't eat or move away from it. That was a clear indication that the heater was not working properly. I checked the thermometer and it read 70 degrees. Angels prefer it to be warmer, between 76 and 82 degrees. I purchased a new heater, set it to 76, and John is now moving around freely and eating.

Christy McFish is a blue marble angelfish.