Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thank You, Misaki

Special thanks to Misaki, the wonderful Alaskan Malamute who gave me this awesome award:

On behalf of my angelfish, I'm to tell you seven things you may not know already:

(1) Angelfish mate for life. When our mate dies, the surviving mate often dies of a broken heart.

(2) Angelfish can live to be ten years old with the proper care.

(3) Some of my angelfish are ten inches tall but none are more than half an inch thick.

(4) During mating season, they lay hundreds of eggs, sometimes just two weeks apart. This can continue for several months.

(5) Angelfish are exceptional parents. (At right: Stevie Fishnick with one of her babies.)

(6) The first three things angelfish think when encountering something new: (a) Can I eat it? (b) Can it eat me? (c) Can I have sex with it?

(7) When angelfish hatch, they are not much larger than a pinhead. It takes about ten weeks for their bodies to approach the size of a quarter.

Thank you, Misaki, for an awesome award!