Thursday, June 6, 2013

Playful Neons

I usually focus on my angelfish, but in another tank I have glowlight tetras and neon tetras.

Glowlight tetras have a gold or copper stripe across the length of their bodies. Neon tetras have half a red stripe and a blue stripe across their bodies.

Cardinal tetras have a red stripe down the entire length of their bodies. However, cardinal tetras, though they appear very similar to neon tetras, have slightly different water condition requirements.

In this 20-gallon tank, I also have four corydoras. Inside the log lives a miniature pleco that only reaches about 3 inches long.

This video was taken at feeding time, when they are their most active.

Neon tetras and glowlight tetras can not be placed in the same tank with angelfish. They are small enough to fit into the grown angelfish's mouths so they're considered tasty morsels.