Monday, June 10, 2013

Newest Batch of Angel Babies

The angelfish babies have grown strong enough to pop themselves off the amazon leaves, where they have hung by their heads for several days.

It is hard to imagine that these tiny creatures with mouths only large enough for baby brine shrimp will grow into ten-inch-tall angelfish.

The poppa is the black marble angel, Lindsay Buckingfish. The momma is the platinum angelfish, Stevie Fishnick.

If any of the babies venture too far from the plant, one of them will suck them up into their mouths, carry them back to the plant and spit them out.

I have been feeding them baby brine shrimp (which I am growing myself) several times a day. You can imagine how tiny their little stomachs are so they can't eat much at a time, but need a lot to keep growing. They will remain on brine shrimp for several weeks before I begin to wean them onto dry fish flakes.