Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bye-Bye Susan and Robert

Well, it's a bittersweet day here, as Susan Saranfish and Robert Redfish have found a new home.

These beautiful koi angelfish had become aggressive in my community tank and they needed their own honeymoon suite. However, though they laid eggs numerous times, none of the eggs had actually hatched. I tried moving them back to the community tank but they wanted the whole 60 gallons to themselves (not gonna happen) and I needed their honeymoon suite as an infant tank.

So the owner of my local pet shop, Carroll's Pets, agreed to take Susan and Robert. They now live at the pet shop in a special tank that says "Angelfish Not For Sale" so everyone coming into the shop can enjoy them. They are considered part of the personal collection of the shop's owner, Shelli. If you're in Lumberton, North Carolina and have the chance to stop by and say "hello" to them, I know you'd enjoy meeting Shelli and Carroll.

Now I have redecorated their old tank and it's ready for Lindsay and Stevie, who will be moved from the Infant Tank where their babies are growing (about two dozen at present). I think they'll enjoy their new digs, and it will give their babies the opportunity to grow larger and more independent without Papa and Mama around.