Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Latest on Emmie Lou

Emmie Lou is now nearly two months old and she is quickly outgrowing the betta tank, where she's been since she was very tiny. She is the sole survivor of a clutch of angelfish fry that started out robust but were quickly being culled by their Mama and Papa.

I've grown attached to Emmie Lou because she always come to the side of the tank I'm on and watches me with great enthusiasm. She backs away, however, when I place my iPhone next to the tank to record, but here she is in her latest video:

I have decided to keep Emmie Lou, and sometime later this week or next I will transfer her to a community tank where I have five angelfish and a variety of easy-going tetras and corydoras. I wanted to make sure she was large enough to fend for herself, though the tetras have never shown any inclination to nip at those beautiful flowing fins of the other angelfish.

However, if Emmie Lou turns out to be a male, I could have territorial issues. I know two of the angels in that particular community tank are male, but they tend to be much more peaceful than my other community tank, where two pair of angelfish have established control of opposite sides of the tank.

Keeping my fingers crossed that all works out!