Friday, October 26, 2012

Eddie's Story

This is Eddie, one of my two Jack Russells.

I also own a collie and a foxhound and too many fish to count.

The Robeson County Humane Society has volunteers who visit dog pounds and rescue dogs that are destined for euthanasia.

Eddie had a bad limp and held his front paw up as if he was trying to tell them he was hurt. That meant when three days passed and no one came to claim him, he was scheduled to be euthanised.

The Humane Society volunteer took him, thinking his leg was broken.

But when he was taken to the vet for x-rays, they found that he had been shot.

That was all I needed to hear.

I adopted Eddie and took him to a specialist in Cary, North Carolina. He reconstructed his leg and inserted a metal plate to help the bone fuse back in place.

Eddie still has shrapnel in his leg because it would have caused more damage to try and pick it all out.

But he is happy now and eagerly jumps through the doggie doors to my back yard about a million times a day. He seems to know he was saved by people who love him.