Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pipsqueak Littlefish

This is Pipsqueak Littlefish, The Band Manager.

Most people associate angelfish with the silver variety with bold black stripes. This is a koi angelfish, named "koi" for its orange and white markings.

Pipsqueak is about 10 inches tall now. But when I purchased him, his body was the size of a dime. He only had one ventril fin (that long fin in the front of the body) instead of two because the other had broken off.

He was so ugly that he didn't fit in Fleetfish Mac so I made him their Band Manager.

He was constantly swimming around the tank worrying about whether the others would get to their gigs in time. Then he worried when Stevie Fishnick had an affair with Mick Fleetfish. Then with John McFish. And he worried as she flaunted her affairs in front of Lindsay Buckingfish.

Now Stevie and Lindsay have their own honeymoon suite tank. Pipsqueak has several younger angels to look after. And now he's the Big Fish in a Small Pond. And loving it.