Thursday, October 4, 2012

John McFish

The silver angel is the one that is most closely identified with the freshwater angelfish.

It descended from the altum angel, which is difficult to impossible to keep in a fish tank.

When the silver angel is frightened or stressed, the stripes turn translucent.

If the silver angel is at ease with his surroundings, the stripes appear black or deep brown.

But if the angel is defending itself, its nest or its mate, the stripes will deepen in color.

All angels bring their top fin straight up when defending itself or showing aggression. The reason is simple: they look much larger so they appear to be a more formidable opponent.

When an angel wants to show submission, they will show their underside to the other angel.

Shown here is John McFish, who is currently about two years old. He is about eight inches tall.