Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fleetfish Mac

The video on this page shows my original four angels:

Mick Fleetfish is the large platinum angel with the crooked top fin. He was supposed to be a juvenile when I received him but he is clearly an old man. He was definitely one of the most gentle angels I've ever owned.

The golden angel is Stevie Fishnick. Stevie and her predecessor, Stevie Fishnick II, bucked the angel tradition of mating with one male for life. They both preferred to play the field, mating with Mick, Lindsay and John at various times.

The marble angel is the original Lindsay Buckingfish. After his death, a more flamboyant Lindsay would take his place, growing to ten inches tall and fathering thousands of eggs.

The smoky leopard in the background is Christie McFish. She would eventually mate with a silver angel. They became inseparable and after her death, the silver John McFish was devastated. It wasn't until I introduced a few little beauties to his tank that he began to perk up again.


onespoiledcat said...

I wonder how many people (me included) knew that angelfish could get so BIG! Ten inches is a good-sized fish....you have to have a big tank for those big fish I should think. I love that you've named this group after one of my all-time favorite bands too..... :D


p.m.terrell said...

Thanks for dropping in, Pam! Yes, the name of the angels in this tank is Mac Fleetfish! One of them was so ugly and was missing a ventril fin that he became the band manager - Pipsqueak Littlefish. But he's grown to 10 inches tall now, too! Each angel requires 10 gallons of water. So in a 70 gallon tank, I can have a maximum of 7 angels fully grown. However, when they are mating three is definitely a crowd - no matter how large the tank is!