Monday, October 15, 2012

Parental Protection

When the baby angels are ready to pop off the spot where they've been wiggling by their little heads, they are in a most vulnerable situation. If they wander off, they could be eaten by prey - and apparently they are quite tasty. The parents have to keep watch constantly.

In the video below, the babies start to test their fins. But when they venture too far from the plant for Mama and Papa Fish's comfort, they will gather them into their mouths, return to the plant and spit them out where they think they will be safer.

Some people think the parents are eating their fry when they see them gobble them into their mouths like this. But the only time they are known to eat their own fry is when they sense they are deformed in some way. They won't eat them if they are starving because they won't lay eggs when they're starving. Conditions have to be ideal.

Tomorrow - see them venture away from the plant and swim together!