Sunday, October 14, 2012

Super Sweet Award

Hi! Lindsay Buckingfish here. I've been elected by the Band to accept the Super Sweet Blog Award today!

I am being assisted by Simone, the collie. Her claws work better on the keyboard than my fins.

Many, many, many fish kisses to our friend Misaki for awarding us with the Super Sweet Award! Woo Hoo! We're all clapping our fins!

The Rules for accepting the Super Sweet Award are:

1. Give credit to the best pooch in the whole universe for nominating us. Yay, Misaki!! (Yes, we are sucking up. As demonstrated by Mick Jaggarfish at right.)

2. Answer these questions:

a. Cookies or Cake?

We prefer cookies made of algae and shrimp. It gets the protein we love into us and the vegetables we need. Icing falls apart in the water.

b. Chocolate or vanilla?

We're not really sure. We've asked our peep to put me in a jar and carry me up to DQ to try out the flavors. Plus, I'd get a road trip. It would be nice to see something other than these four glass walls.

c. What is your favorite sweet treat?

Brine shrimp. Ooh, it's to die for!

d. When do you crave sweet things the most?

Right before Stevie Fishnick lays her eggs. I have to stand guard a lot so I need to build up my strength. Plus, it takes a lot of fortitude to fertilize hundreds of eggs!

e. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

Sweet Lips HooliLindsay.

3. Now for the third rule: I have to give this award to a Baker's Dozen (13) blogs!

We're new at this blogging thing and all our friends already have the award (Yay, Misaki and Sammy!)

So if anyone wants it, let us know and it's yours!

Happy Fishing!!

(And thank you, Simone the Collie, for typing this!)